Lego Mindstorms NXT 2010 Review

24 Sep

Mindstorms NXT 8547 Quick Summary

The Mindstorms NXT 8547 is a robotics kit that allows you to realise, construct and program your own robot. But that’s just the beginning…

With the contents of the same package you can go on to make more innovative models, and program your machines to be more and more advanced.

You probably won’t go on to construct the next Robocop or iRobot, but the endless programming possibilities can keep you enchanted forever.

It IS kind of pricy for a Christmas present, but as a lifetime investment, the LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 is most certainly worth your attention.

Who Is The LEGO Mindstorms 2.0 Set For

Mindstorms caters for all users above the age of 10. The instruction manual is so easy to follow, you’ll be up and ready with your first robot within one hour.

Of course, anyone hearing the world ‘programming’ probably thinks it’s complex, but it’s astonishingly easy when you come to use it.

Younger children can find many exciting things to do with their little robots, while on the other hand someone older or more experienced can employ more compound programming to design more interlocking machines.

What Do You Get Inside The Package?

The LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 consists of a whooping six hundred and nineteen pieces. This is mostly comprised of wheels, rods, beams, sensors, connectors and wheels.

Standard Constructing Blocks

You may notice that the standard piece is a beam instead of a block as they usually have in LEGO, making it feel a bit like Maccano. Not like Meccano however, you can easily put the pieces together without the need for any screw drivers or spanners – just use your hands. All you need is the contents of your box, and of course… a PC.

Due to a huge number of parts that look almost identical, you may find yourself wasting a lot of time in the beginning trying to find the right unit. But after a little experience you’ll almost intuitively know what you’re looking for.

Motors x3

The motors are what make your robot move.

4 Environmental Sensors

With the sensors your robot will be able to determine what’s going on in its surroundings. The Mindstorms NXT 2.0 8547 comes with…

1. A light sensing unit, which is sort of like the eyes of the robot, allowing it to see different colors..

2. A unit that senses touch, which allows your robot to have a particular reaction when it touches something, or when something else touches the robot.

3. An audio sensor which is the ‘ear’ of the robot, allowing it to ‘hear’ different sounds.

4. An echo sensor, which applies sound-beams and sound echos to find out how far away the robot is from an object, so it can avoid it or move around it.

The Mindstorms Intelligent Brick

Your robot’s central processing unit, a tiny computer-like device that you put all your programming into and according to the programming you give it, orchestrates complex movements in your robots by controlling the 3 servo motors, whether it be by taking a stroll, driving, changing direction, sorting colored balls, attacking a tresspasser….. and so on and so forth.

User’s Manual

The User Manualis great to get you started, with easy steps on how to create 4 robots of varying difficulty.

Past this you can go on to make, build and program anything you want. If you think you’ve spent your creativity, you can give your mind a rest and purchase guides written by experts on how to build some phenomenal robots.

However, there is one trouble you may run into when making your own individual robots, and that’s running out of parts. If you have this predicament, you can always extend the Mindstorms kit with pieces from the Lego Technique range, which makes use of the same basic unit.

Where Do They Have The Lowest Prices For The Mindstorms Set?

Be careful, the new Mindstorms 2.0 already comes with a hefty price tag and you shouldn’t have to pay more than you already need to. Keep checking back at my blog to for future updates.

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