Warning! Don’t Buy Magna Tiles Until You Read This! (823)

22 Sep

The Magna Tiles 100 Piece Pack Isn’t For Everyone…

Dear Friend

RE: The Magna Tiles 100 Piece Pack, or Magna Tiles in General

You’re presumably considering getting Magna Tiles for their splendid contribution to learning & bringing enjoyment concurrently.

Magna Tiles seem rediculously pricey at first, but when you think about it you’ll never tire of them and they’ll likely last you a good few decades – definitely worth paying for. If you’re buying this for your child, they’ll continue to play with their Magna Tiles for many years to come and carry on utilizing them as adults..

As if that wasn’t enough, the clear-colors range is very attractive You can form a captivating geometric shape and place it say by the window, where the sunshine will glisten throughout the object.

But not everyone will take a liking to Magna Tiles

Let me explain.

A tad more delicacy and manual dexterity is required with Magnatiles than say with blocks of Lego. The parts unite together with the strength of magnets along their sides, and although they wont be knocked over by the flimsiest breeze or when you sneeze, the structures you build are that much more easily demolished.

If you’re mulling over getting these for someone who may have a bit of a short fuse, lacks patience or is possibly a little too young to have developed that delicate touch, then Magna Tiles may not be the best option at this time.

Magna Tiles do have the capability to enhance one’s dexterity and patience, but your child just may not be ready for them as of yet, in which case they may just get angry and frustrated and toss them off, thereby missing out on the potential enjoyment and educational benefits.

In terms of education, Magna Tiles have the most influential input in maths, and teachers have been making excellent use of Magna Tiles with school children by concentrating on establishing numbers and geometry with Magna Tiles.

With Magna Tiles your child can catch the essence of spatial relationships and mathematical reasoning, and develop 2-D and more advanced 3D thinking patterns.. Their use goes beyond mathematics, by helping your child to comprehend some essential principles of architecture, and by nurturing the creative right-brain, which is more or less overlooked in modern society, despite being arguably the one most important component distinguishing highly prosperous people from the average joe..

You ought to realize however, that teachers are thoroughly disciplined in realizing when a pupil is ready to go on and utilize a specific toy in a way that he/she can learn from it.

Should You Go For The Magna Tiles Clear Colors 100 Pieces Set, Or A Different Set Of Magna-Tiles?

There are five different Magna Tiles sets you can choose from. Your options are as follows…

Standard thirty two-Piece Set – Contains different colored opaque tiles. Contains eight equilateral triangles, 2 six x six-inch squares, 14 three x three-inch squares, 4 isosceles triangles & four right angled triangles.

Magna Tiles Standard One Hundred Piece Set: Comes with opaque tiles in a number of different colors. Includes 50 3×3-inch squares, four 6×6-inch squares, Fifteen isosceles triangles, 11 right triangles & twenty equilateral triangles.

Magna-Tiles 32-Piece Clear Colors Set: Features transparent tiles in a variety of colors. Comes with 16 squares large and small and different types of triangles, sixteen in total.

Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Translucent Colors Set: The tiles in this set are translucent in different colors. Contains twenty equilateral triangles, 4 six x six-inch squares, 50 three x three-inch squares, Fifteen isosceles triangles & 11 right angled triangles.

Magna-Tiles Fourty Eight-Piece Delux Set: Has multiple different colors of opaque tiles, including eight extra special tiles that you do not get with the other Magna Tiles sets, which include a wheeled piece, an arch, door, pieces with holes etc.

Which set should you go for? Well the regular set – although popular previously, just looks plain terrible and isn’t that much cheaper than the clear color set to justify this. Although the thirty two piece sets are much cheaper, there’s only so much you can build with thirty-two pieces – chances are you’ll go and buy yourself another set, in which situation it’d just be cheaper for you to go for the 100 piece set straight off the bat. And what of the Deluxe set? There are 8 additional pieces which only marginally add to your possibilities. Plus it consists of the ugly pieces from the standard set.

This leaves us with the Magna Tiles Clear Colors 100 Pieces, which is by far the optimal choice for 99% of people buying Magna Tiles for the 1st time.

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