LEGO Mindstorms NXT 8547 Review (388)

18 Sep

Legos Mindstorm NXT Quick Summary

The LEGO Mindstorms 2.0lets you visualise, construct and program your own robot. But that’s not everything….

Over time you’ll learn new ways of making your machines and new ways of programming them, so you can get them to do some magnificent things. The only boundry is your imagination.

You likely won’t go on to construct the next iRobot or Terminator, but with all the things you can do with it, you’ll never get exhausted.

It IS kind of expensive for a Christmas present, however for something that will last you a lifetime, the Mindstorms NXT 8547 is definitely worth purchasing this Christmas.

Who Is This For

Mindstorms NXT is suitable for anyone over ten years of age. The instructions for making and programming your 1st few robots are really quite easy to follow.

The term ‘programming’ may seem like it could be confusing, but it can be as easy as just a few clicks of the mouse on your computer/laptop.

Younger children can find many exciting things to do with their little robots, whereas others can go on to devise robots that do much more than just drive, walk, shoot or sort balls.

What Does The Legos Mindstorm NXT Come With??

The Legos Mindstorm NXT box contains 619 parts. This consists of a collection of sensors, connectors, wheels, rods and beams.

The Underlying Construction Unit

Mindstorms has a different look from LEGO, due to its basic unit being a beam instead of the usual LEGO brick, making it feel a bit like Maccano. But Mindstorms isn’t like Meccano, as you don’t need to use any extra tools to put the beams together.

Due to a huge number of parts that look almost identical, you may find yourself wasting a lot of time at the start trying to find the right unit. But when you’ve played around with the set for a while you’ll start making those robots with amazing efficiency.

Three Motors

These motors will control your robots movements.

Four Environmental Sensors

With the sensors your robot will be able to observe what’s going on in its surroundings. You’ll find the following sensors with the LEGO Mindstorms NXT …

1. A light sensor, with which your robot can ‘see’ different levels of light and even ‘see’ colors so that it can respond when you show it a blue ball for example, and not respond to a yellow one or respond differently.

2. A kinesthetic sensor, which lets the robot respond to touch.

3. An audio sensor which is the ‘ear’ of the robot, allowing it to ‘hear’ different sounds.

4. An ultrasonic sensor that utilizes simple echo-location to determine how far away it is from a solid object.

The Mindstorms Intelligent Brick

Your Mindstorms set’s brain, a central processing unit that receives information from the sensors, interprets the programming you apply, and according to the programming you give it, causes the robot to carry out an action by controlling the three motors, whether it be by taking a stroll, driving, changing direction, sieving colored balls, attacking a tresspasser…. & the list continues.

User’s Guidebook

Despite Mindstorms seeming so complex when you haven’t tried it, the User’s Guidebook is brilliantly simple, with easy steps on how to create four robots of varying difficulty.

When you’ve gotten to grips with the ones in the instruction manuals, you can start producing your own robots – whether you want them to be more plain or more complicated than the ones in the book. You’ll be happy to know that when you’ve got a handle on the four robots in the user’s guide, you can always buy seperate user guides published for the Mindstorms enthusiast, with details on how to construct some more astonishingly sophisticated machines.

The one problem you may face when embarking past the guide book and into the unknown, is a lack of pieces when you need to construct something large. Fortunately the Lego Technique range uses the same unit, and you can always get a Lego Technique set if you need the parts. Lego was designed to fit together.

Where Do They Have The Lowest Prices For The Mindstorms Set?

Be careful, the new Mindstorms 2.0 already comes with a hefty price tag and you shouldn’t have to pay more than you already need to. Bookmark this site and keep checking back regularly for updates on the cheapest prices nearer Christmas time.

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