A Quick Glimpse At The KidKraft Pink Retro Kitchen with Refrigerator

14 Sep

Who Is This Mini Kitchen Set For?

This particular toy kitchen is best suited for kids aged between 3 & five who really enjoy playing in the kitchen and would be thrilled to have their own kid-sized kitchen.

Despite the manufacturer’s recommended age range of three to five, numerous Customer reviews have indicated that girls aged between 2 and eight are playing with this kitchen set, and their brothers are playing with them too.

An In Depth Review Of The KidKraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator in Pink

If you’re looking for a big and sophisticated miniature kitchen for your young one, then this particular KidKraft toy kitchen is probably not very suitable for you.

The advantage of having this particular kitchen set, is its simpleness so it doesn’t stick out too much, but merges in with the rest of the room and looks good in the house.

Compared to many other models of toy kitchen, the KidKraft Retro Kitchen is also moderately sized, leaving plenty of space in the house for your child’s other toys.

But its size is big enough to allow your child to delight in cooking her favorite meals, and big enough for many kids to play together. The extent of realism is quite spectacular, with down-to-earth detail added exactly where it’s needed – with clicking knobs on the cooker for example..

One thing you get with the KidKraft Retro Kitchen that you will not with many other miniature kitchens, is a number of included utensils and cookware, including a mixer, liquidizer, spoons and baking set, so you won’t need to purchase anything extra.

Even though it has a compact size there’s a great deal of storage space within the cabinets and refrigerator, enough to contain lots of supplementary utensils including silver pots & pans, tea sets and play food.

Which Pink Retro Kitchen Is Best For Your Child? The KidKraft Version Or The Pottery Barn Version?

Both the Pottery Barn and KidKraft Pink Retro Kitchens are loved by scores of parents and kids, but despite the Pottery Barn model’s superior craftmanship the KidKraft Retro Kitchen is more widely sold across the U.S.. Why?

While the Pottery Barn range of Retro Kitchens have outstanding durability and practicality, it’s also a little too pricy for the average parent.

The KidKraft and Pottery Barn kitchens are both pink in color and each come with the same type of unit which look very comparable. The KidKraft version however, has a much softer price tag. However being cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of lower quality. The KidKraft model is praised for being remarkably sturdy and shockingly realistic.

The Pink Retro Kitchen by Pottery Barn is that much more sturdy and impecably designed, but the majority of parents tend to realise it isn’t good enough to justify the cost.

Where Can I Get The KidKraft Pink Retro Kitchen Cheapest?

You’ll find the lowest prices in stores that manage to sell these kitchen sets by the thousands. Thanks to all the extra money they make, they’re able to cut off the prices and still make a profit, while pleasing their customers and selling more and more.

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