Fisher Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX Review (724)

9 Sep

1. The Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX Ninja can go at two speeds – a lower speed at 2.5 mph and a faster one at 5 mph. You can also go in reverse.

2. It does more than just look like a small version of an adult ATV, it has the same unbeatable performance on rough terrain, hence it can handle rough terrain like a sports car on the highway. Not as fast, of course..

3. High speed lock out system lets you, the parent, be in control. So your little tyker isn’t putting himself into any danger.

4. Solid Power Lock Brakes further increase the safety of the vehicle, by allowing the Kawasaki to come to a quick and brief halt, even under wet conditions.

5. Compared to some of these other kinds four-wheelers out there, it’s quite petite so you don’t have to have a garden the size of a football field.

6. Rather than open a door and get inside the driver’s compartment, the Kawasaki is more like a four-wheeled bike that you jump on. So unlike many other of toy off-roader, your child can go years past the manufacturer’s upper age limit and still have lots of fun.

“What Are Some Other Kid’s Vehicles I May Think About Getting My Child?”

If you’re thinking about buying the Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX Ninja, you might also have a look at the Fisherprice Lightning McQueen, Fisherprice Batman Lil Quad and Fisher-Price Jeap Rubicon.

Which vehicle is suited to your child, depends purely on your child’s particular needs. But you have to note..

The amount of power and mastery the Kawasaki has is unmatched by the other 3 vehicles mentioned above. The Jeep Rubicon and Lightning McQueen both have a theoretical top speed of 5 mph just like the Kawasaki, but when pitched against one another, the Kawasaki always comes out on top..

Some Disadvantes Of The Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX Ninja

Nothing can defeat the Power Wheels Kawasaki Ninja, when it comes to the things your child can accomplish with it and how much fun he/she can have.

Nevertheless the Kawasaki KFX is meant to be driven by one child at a time. The Power Wheels Jeep Rubicon & Lightning McQueen both have two side-by-side seats. So if you’re parents to two youngsters, then you may consider one of these instead.

Also, if your back yard is very small and you do not have the time to take your child to open areas where he/she can enjoy riding the Kawasaki KFX Ninja, then you’d be wise to consider an alternative. Owing to its size, it may not be the best Christmas gift to play with this indoors.

Recommendations & Other Things To Consider

A 12V battery is used to power the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX Ride-On. The charge of the battery tends to run long enough to please almost all customers, as indicated by hundreds of reviews on the internet.

So that my child doesn’t have to wait while the battery is busy recharging, I decided to purchase a spare battery. I sincerely recommend it, even though it can be expensive. You may also consider investing in the 12-volt fast charger.

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