Is The KidKraft Pink Retro Kitchen A Good Christmas Gift Idea?

7 Sep

Who Is This Mini Kitchen Set For?

The KidKraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator was made with girls between three and five years old in mind who enjoy doing things in the kitchen – helping out or just playing, and would be delighted to be able to play in a small kid-sized kitchen of their own.

Despite the manufacturer’s recommended age range of three to five, many Customer reviews have indicated that girls aged between 2 and 8 are playing with this kitchen set, and their brothers are playing with them too!.

An In Depth Review Of The KidKraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator in Pink

If you want to get your child a large and complicated pretend kitchen for Christmas, then this particular KidKraft play kitchen is probably not very suitable for you.

The KidKraft Retro Kitchen specializes in being uncomplicated, so it doesn’t look like an ugly unit that stands out in the house, but makes itself undistinguishable from the house and almost seems as though it was built with the house.

It’s also small, so it doesn’t take up too much space in what may already be an overcrowded home.

However it’s big enough for your little girl to have the feel of a real kitchen, and big enough for many kids to play together. There’s also a good touch of realism with this kitchen, with clean realistic looking cabinets and doors that open and close no different to those in a real kitchen.

One thing you get with the KidKraft Retro Kitchen that you do not with many other miniature kitchens, is a number of included utensils and cookware, including a mixer, liquidiser, wooden spoons and baking set, which prevents you from having to buy all of these parts separately.

Between the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, there is a lot of space to store things, so you can not only store all the additional kitchenware that comes with the kitchen set, but there’s also room for lots of extra kitchen equipment that you may wish to purchase.

KidKraft vs Pottery Barn – Which Pink Retro Kitchen Is Better?

The Pottery Barn Pink Retro Kitchen is loved by all parents, but more tend to actually by the KidKraft edition.. What’s the reason for this?

Where Pottery Barn’s models have some delightful craftmanship with spectacular attention to detail and sensational realism, it’s also rediculously expensive and far too big to fit into the standard home.

The KidKraft Pink Retro Kitchen looks very alike to the Pottery Barn model, but is far more affordable, at a quarter of the price. The KidKraft model is also much smaller, giving you more space to play with.

The Pink Retro Kitchen by Pottery Barn is that much more sturdy and impecably designed, but it isn’t worth the higher price tag.

Which Stores Sell The KidKraft Pink Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator For The Best Price?

You’ll find the lowest prices in stores that manage to sell these kitchen sets by the thousands. Because they make so much profit, their supplier cuts the price and they can sell the sets at a markedly reduced price.

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